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Fuehrer Headquarters
Wolf's Lair
Command Center East Prussia

Format: PAL
Length: 80 mins.
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Discs: Special Two Disc Edition
Rated: Not Rated
Studio: Pen and Sword Digital
ISBN: 4260110583220
Item No. CP-3220Price: $29.95

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Disc 1 - Over 50 minutes of original German archive footage showing the design and construction of the infamous Wolf's Lair, Hitler's very own secure command center. The DVD explores the fortifications, the important decisions made there and the now famous attempted assassination of Hitler by German Army Officer Claus von Stauffenberg.

Disc 2 - Contains over 30 minutes of bonus archive footage split into three additional films, as well as 8 original photo galleries containing rare photographs and a year by year chronology of the fortification.

Bonus Films: 1. Airfield Rastenburg 2. Rail Line: Rastenburg-Angerburg 3. The Ruins of the Wolf's Lair

Photo Galleries: 1. FHQ Wolf's Lair Animations 2. FHQ Wolf's Lair Installation 3, 4, 5, 6.. FHQ Wolf's Lair 1941-1944 7. FHQ Wolf's Lair Assassination 8. Reserve Hospital Carlshof

In the autumn of 1940, the decision was made by Hitler to construct a base of operations from which Operation Barbarossa could be planned and instigated. This almost impenetrable series of structures, located in the Masurian woods near the town of Rastenburg, welcomed the Fuehrer for the first time on the 23rd June, 1941. Although Hitler had a number of similar bases built throughout Europe, the Wolf's Lair was by far his preferred location, spending a total of over 800 days there during a three and a half year period. In that time, a number of key decisions were made there that drove the Eastern campaign against Russia, as well as a failed assassination attempt on the Fuehrer himself.

This Special Edition 2 Disc DVD helps to reconstruct the story of this extremely secretive and fascinating center of Nazi operations, from its original design and construction in the early 40s to its continued use by Hitler and eventual demise as the war came to a close. For the first time on DVD, actual witnesses are interviewed and reveal their personal stories about Hitler, giving insight into some of the planning behind the infamous Eastern Campaign. Also featured is an in-depth analysis of the attempted assassination on Hitler by German Army Officer Claus von Stauffenberg, whose exploits were recently portrayed on the big screen in the film Valkyrie. On the 20th July 1944 during a routine strategy meeting, von Stauffenberg placed a bomb hidden in his briefcase just a few feet away from the Fuehrer. Miraculously, when the bomb detonated, Hitler emerged practically unscathed.

This DVD contains masses of original and rare archive footage, some of which has never been viewed before outside of Germany. As well as documenting the headquarters during the war period, the film revisits the base as it stands today. Even though the complex was abandoned and partially blown up in January 1945, the remains of the vast concrete bunkers still exist today. Combined with a second disc containing over 30 minutes of bonus footage, as well as eight photo galleries of original photographs, Fuehrer Headquarters Wolf's Lair reveals will appeal to all Second World War enthusiasts.

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