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Battleship Yamato
Japan's Secret Fleet

Format: PAL
Length: 136 mins.
Region: NTSC
Discs: Special Two Disc Edition
Rated: Not Rated
Studio: Pen and Sword Digital
ISBN:  4260110585026
Item No. CP-85026 Price: $34.95

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Disc 1 - Over 60 minutes of rare and original archive footage, much of which has only just been cleared to be viewed publicly, showing this gigantic class of Battleship in action during the Second World War.

Disc 2 - Over 60 minutes of bonus archive footage splint into three films, as well as 20 original photo galleries containing a host of images that show a range of different Japanese battleships.

Bonus Films: 1. Imperial Japanese Navy 2. War in the Pacific Ocean 3. The US Navy at Sea

Photo Galleries: A total of 20 galleries which show a range of different class of battleships including: Satsuma, Kawachi, Hyuga, Fuso, Nagato, Kongo, Amagi, Tosa and Yamato.

Displacing 72,000 tons, the vessels of the Yamato class were the largest, heaviest, and most heavily-armed battleships ever constructed. These marvels of naval design carried the largest naval artillery ever fitted to a warship, sporting nine 460 millimeter naval guns capable of firing 2,998 pound shells over 26 miles. In order to understand these epic battleships and rank their importance, this DVD starts by analyzing the evolution of the Japanese fleet after the Battle of Tsushima in 1905. This astonishing battle, fought as part of the Russo-Japanese War, saw the Japanese destroy two-thirds of the Russian fleet.

Due to the strict secrecy of the Japanese, for decades it was impossible to show the original archive footage of these massive ships. Moreover, many of the original design documents and photographs for these ships were destroyed by Japanese special service-officers, meaning only fragmentary records remained. For almost 70 years details of these glorious ships have been scarce, with original footage rarely seen in the Western world, until now. With the discovery of a rare and unseen Japanese archive, these gigantic warships can finally be shown in detail using over 60 minutes of unique Japanese film.

With 3 bonus archive films about the Japanese fleet and U.S. Navy, as well as 20 photo galleries, this DVD offers a complete reference of all the Japanese Battleships and Battle Cruisers in the Second World War and is compelling viewing for any maritime enthusiast.

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