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Repairing The Panzers Vol. 1
German Tank Maintenance
in World War 2

Author(s): Lukas Friedli
Language(s): English Text
Format: hard cover, 11" x 8.5"
Pages: 256 pages
Photos: 291 photos
Charts: 17 drawings, 5 diagrams, 19 tables
Publisher: Panzerwrecks, USA
ISBN: 978-0-9841820-2-2

Item No. PWS-2022Price: $54.95

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How did Germany keep its infamous Panzers running throughout six years of war? How did the German army prepare for motorized warfare? What mechanic was competent for what kind of damage? What special vehicles and recovery equipment were used by the maintenance units? How were they organized? How much supply reached the front during Operation 'Zitadelle' and how was it distributed among the battered divisions?

The answers to these and other questions are to be found here in this book. Based solely on original experience reports, diaries and manuals, you will learn how Panzers were recovered from various predicaments and what really put Panzers out of action. For the first time ever you will get an inside look at the battle that went on behind the front lines to keep every Panzer possible in fighting condition.

Panzerwrecks are proud to present these new discoveries in a massive 256 page tome illustrated with 291 large format photos, most unpublished and reproduced full-page size, plus 17 drawings, 5 diagrams, 19 tables and 17 K.St.Ns.


1. Overview and Background,
2. I-Dienste of the Field Troops
3. The Panzer Werkstatt
4. Armee, H.Gr. and the Homeland
5. Wheeled Vehicle Maintenance
6. Campaign Experience
7. Causes of Panzer Losses
Appendix (inc. Index and Glossary)

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