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Panzerwrecks 19

Author: Lee Archer and Bojan Dimitrijevic
Language: English Text
Format: Soft cover, perfect bound, 8.25" x 11"
Pages:  96
Photos:  126 photos
Publisher: Panzerwrecks
ISBN: 978-1-908032-12-6

Item No. PW-019 Price: $32.95

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Hard to believe we have now got to number 19 in the series of Panzerwrecks books and this one is now available. It tackles the area of Yugoslavia during the war, and after. Not the huge battlefields of the Eastern Front or Normandy, so no Panthers and Tigers here, but a selection of a fascinating variety of equipment which was used in the area, largely by occupation troops for policing duties, so they made do with more second line equipment, much of it captured from other sources.

There are 151 large format pictures in this 96 page landscape format soft cove book. It opens with examples of the French made Somua S35 being used by German units with modifications such as the split hatch for the commanders cupola, and one in turn converted in a partisans' workshop, fitting a 6 pounder gun and mantlet taken from a wrecked AEC Mk II armoured car and fitted in place of the original 47mm gun. One picture even shows an ex-Belgian Vickers Utility Tractor being used for towing a 75mm Pak 40, knocked out in an ambush such a long way from its' original home. There are also an interesting variety of Italian vehicles being used by the Wehrmacht, and in assorted states of repair which help give lots of extra detail information for modellers. One particular batch of photos I liked show a number of elements of armoured trains captured at different points and these are followed with more Italian armour and then moving to German armour such as the Pz 38(t) and variants of the Pz III and Stug III, one of which attracted visitors after the war had moved on and civilians came to have a look. Then we get German operated T-34s and one mystery Panther puts in an appearance.

The final section of the book shows what happened to a number of captured panzers after the war, as the Yugoslavs had them on display in a museum or put others back into service for themselves. It makes an interesting selection, and with useful and informative captioning throughout, as we have come to expect from Panzerwrecks. Another excellent addition to the series.

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