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Issue No. 181 Montgomery's Tactical HQ

Author: Editor: Karel Margry
Language: English text
Format: magazine, size 8.5" x 11"
Pages:  56 pages
Photos:  wartime b+w photos and present day color comparisons
Maps: Some maps
Publisher: After The Battle, UK
ISBN: none listed

Item No. ATB-181 Price: $10.95

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MONTGOMERY’S TACTICAL HEADQUARTERS - Karel Margry explains how the difficult search to precisely locate every one of General (later Field-Marshal) Bernhard Montgomery’s Tactical Headquarters sites turned into a particularly satisfying exercise, after many hours of searching through wartime documents he was able to identify each location for the first time.

Reprisals at Kondomari - On June 2, 1941 — two days after the Germans had captured the Greek island of Crete — a detachment of Fallschirmjäger carried out a reprisal action at the village of Kondomari, shooting 23 men in retribution for the reputed killing of five German soldiers by local fran-tireurs. Karel Margry explains that these actions, remarkably, were filmed by a German war photographer.

Manzanar Relocation Center - In issue 178 we described the camps set up on the Isle of Man to intern Germans and Italians considered to be a national threat. This prompted our long-time reader, Marty Black, a former US Navy pilot and recently retired from a lifetime as route captain for American Airlines, to visit one of the similar camps set up in the United States to intern Japanese.

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