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Author: Editor: Karel Margry
Language: English text
Format: magazine, size 8.5" x 11"
Pages:  56 pages
Photos:  wartime b+w photos and present day color comparisons
Maps: Some maps
Publisher: After The Battle, UK
ISBN: none listed

Item No. ATB-177 Price: $10.95

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THE BATTLE FOR KOBLENZ - The German city of Koblenz lies at the confluence of the Mosel and Rhine rivers. In March 1945, as a side show to the main offensive by Lieutenant General George S. Patton's US Third Army through the Saar-Palatinate region, the US 87th Infantry Division launched an attack on the city. In just two days of street-fighting, the Americans cleaned out the entire city. Karel Margry describes this amazing feat.

Tragedy at Lake Poursollet - Jean Paul Pallud describes how on August 13, 1944, troops of the German 157. Reserve-Division made a surprise attack on a small force of French Maquis fighters at Lake Poursollet, high up in the Oisans mountains south-east of Grenoble in the French Alps.

The Axis-Held Island of Rhodes - The Greek island of Rhodes - the largest in the 'Dodecanese' (meaning a group of 12 islands) - has throughout history been coveted by many empires. Gail Ramsey explains the period that it was occupied by the Axis.

The Guns of Navarone - Following the transfer of the Dodecanese, including Rhodes, to Greece in 1947, the Treaty assured Turkey and Italy that the islands would be demilitarised. Thus in 1960 it was a diplomatic coup for Carl Foreman - then exiled from America under the anti-Communist clamp-down - to get permission to bring to Rhodes a large contingent of men and material from the Greek army to make this classic film.

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