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Item No. TMM-1672
Recon for Rommel
The 2(H)/14 - air recon flyers in North Africa

This book is the illustrated history of a Luftwaffe air reconnaissance unit serving in North Africa during WW II right from the beginning of the campaign, the 2nd Staffel of Nahaufklarungsgruppe (Heer) 14 - or 2. (H)/14 in short - was Rommel's main tactical air reconaissance in Africa. More than 400 colour and b+w photos show the unit's history, staffel members, aircraft and vehicules, documents (including Lt. Holzapfel's logbook) and the unit's own award medal and the unique colour plates taken by Lt. Holzapfel, an observation officer of this unit. The hardcover book (landscape format) has 195 pages and is completely in English and German, printed on quality art paper.

The book is divided into 4 chapters:

1. Unit history, illustated with many b+w photos.
2. The unit sections (aircraft: HS 126, Me 110, Me 108, Me 109 photographic station: tropicalized Opel Blitz, technical equipment drivers: Opel Blitz, Ford truck. AA section: 2cm Flak 30, Bofors medical section, technical section: Faun ZR prime mover, 8 ton half-track, signal section: MB 170 signal version, rarely seen in NA)
3. Annexes: unit medal, unit emblem, documents, a logbook of an observer, Lt Holzapfel - interesting for historians, losses, bibliography)
4.The colour plates, taken in 1941 (Tripolis, Arco - rare arial view!) Apollonia, Derna, mausoleum of Italo Balbo, Ghadames, Hs 126, Me 110, Fi 156, downed Hurricane, burned out He 111 at Benina airfield, captured CMP truck, Opel Blitz, VW 82 Kubel, Ju 52,Via Balbia, Derna, Pantelleria with rock hangar and Hs 126, Rommel, Kesselring, Staffel officer and commanders wearing the RK, Mechili battleground with British trucks in rarely seen Caunter camouflage, African airfields.)

Hardcover, landscape format, 195 pages (96 in colour) more than 400 photos, 140 colour plates, photos showing technical motives (vehicles-aircraft) are full page, Text in German-English.

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