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History of the Totenkopf's

Author: Ian Michael Wood
Language: English text
Format: Hardcover, size 6" x 9"
Pages:  176
Photos:  30 wartime photos
Maps:  none listed
Publisher: PeKo Publishing
ISBN: 9786158007276

Item No. PKO-7276 Price: $31.95

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This book is the culmination of 15 years of research dealing with I/SS-Panzer Regiment 3, from its inception in 1942, when it was equipped with Panzer III's and IV's, until its conversion to the Panther tank during late 1943.

The book covers the history of I/SS-Panzer Regiment 3 when it was equipped with Panther tanks. From the summer of 1944, Abteilung fought in Siedlce and later in the defensive battles east and north east of Warsaw. Later during 1945, the Abteilung would take part in the Konrad operations in Hungary in an attempt to relieve the forces trapped inside Budapest. By March 1945 the remnants of I/SS-Panzer Regiment 3 was in full retreat and would eventually surrender in May 1945 in Austria.

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