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Due to popular demand the publisher has decided
to make a 2nd printing of this incredible book!

The Revised Edition has 24 extra pages with 7 new photos.
Order your copy today before it sells out!

ENDKAMPF (Revised Edition)
The Final Battles for the Reich Territories 1944-45

Author: Axel Urbanke
Language: English and German text
Format: Hardcover, 11.25" x 9.5" landscape format
Pages:  184
Photos:  193 B+W wartime photos, 23 rare color photos
Maps: several military maps
Publisher: Luftfahrt Verlag, Germany
ISBN: 9783941437326

Item No. LF BK-009 Price: $85.00

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This large-format volume is the first hardbound book to be released by the German publisher Luftfahrtverlag-Start. Consisting of 184 pages, with unique unpublished wartime photos, this title covers the battles fought by Wehrmacht units to defend the borders of the Reich.

This title contains 195 black and white wartime photos showing the German side. Most were taken by German soldiers during the final battles and thus represents a unique perspective, for by then film was difficult to obtain. Also included are 23 rare color photos taken during the fighting. All the photographs are accompanied by detailed text and maps which was extensively researched by the author. All the photos are reproduced full page on quality glossy paper to the highest possible standards.

Battles covered in this title:
•Nemmersdorf and Goldap, the Russian drive across the East Prussian border
•From Königsberg to Pillau - Fighting Withdrawal in Samland, East Prussia April 1945 (Panther photos)
•The 1st Marine-Schützen-Division actions at the Oder in the Zehden Bridgehead in February 1945
•The fighting in Silesia in spring 1945 (Panther photos)
•The battle for Fortress Breslau
•Actions by the "Hermann Göring" Fallschirmpanzerkorps at Bautzen and Görlitz in April 1945 (Panther photos)
•The Führer-Begleit-Division in the fighting in Lauban (Panther photos)
•The SS-Freiwilligen-Brigade "Wallonien" and the 4th SS-Polizei-Division in the Battle for Pomerania
•SS-Panzer-Jäger-Abteilung 560 z.b.V. in action at the Oder (Hetzer photos)
•The action against the Russian Bridgehead over the Oder at Küstrin and "Fortress Küstrin" (Panther and Hetzerphotos)
•Heiligenbeil and Oxhöfter Kämpe - the fight about the pockets at the Haff and the Danziger-Bucht

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