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Item No. HS-002

A History of
the American Medium Tank

In collector's slipcase!


R. P. Hunnicutt

Finally back in print, R.P. Hunnicutt's "bible" on the M4 Sherman Tank begins with the pre-war evolution of the U.S. medium tank resulting in the introduction of the M3 and its Canadian counterpart the "RAM." The confusion after Pearl Harbor and the pressure for ever increasing production provide the background for the appearance of the Sherman in Part II. The war situation in early 1942 required large numbers of tanks to equip both the U.S. armored units in training and the Allied Armies already fighting around the world. This resulted in the major models of the Sherman with designations ranging from M4 to M4A6.

Part II ends with the Sherman committed to action first at El Alamein and then in theaters of operation around the world. Battle experience soon indicated the need for further improvements. Part III details the development projects necessary to effect these changes and their incorporation into the production program. The important British modifications including the installation of the 17 pounder high velocity gun are also included. The ready availability of the Sherman chassis made it the ideal candidate to carry various self-propelled artillery weapons and antitank guns. These vehicles as well as other specialized armor are discussed in part IV.

After WWII, the Sherman continued to serve not only the U.S. Army, but was used to rearm many friendly nations whose armed forces were destroyed during the war. With the outbreak of fighting in Korea, the Sherman again went into action as is covered in Part V. Part VI is composed of reference material presented in data sheets covering the major production models of the M3 and M4 series.

Hard cover, large format: 8 1/2" x 11", 576 pages, 1,368 b/w photos, 12 color plates.

Packaged in a high quality blue collector's slipcase

Each book is individually boxed in double walled cardboard

Price: $130.00

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