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Barbarossa Derailed: Volume 3
The Battle for Smolensk 10 July - 10 September 1941:
The German Offensives on the Flanks and the Third Soviet Counteroffensive, 25 August-10 September 1941Volume 3: The Documentary Companion. Tables, Orders and Reports prepared by participating Red Army forces

Author: David M. Glantz
Language: English Text
Format: Hardcover, 9.3" x 6.6"
Pages:  568 pages
Photos:  b+w wartime photos
Maps: 16 maps
Publisher: Helion Publishing
ISBN: 9781909982116

Item No. HP-2116 Price: $69.95

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Volume 3, the Documentary Companion to Barbarossa Derailed, contains the documentary evidence for the two volumes of narrative. In addition to key F?hrer Directives issued by Adolf Hitler to provide direction to his forces during the Barbarossa Campaign, as well as vital orders issued by German Army Group Center, this book includes the daily operational summaries of the participating Soviet fronts, armies, and some divisions and many if not most of the orders and reports issued by the struggling Soviet armies. Precise translations illustrate not only the capabilities and states-of-mind of key Soviet commanders as they dealt with crisis after crisis but also the characteristics (such as aggressiveness, passivity, brutality, and despair) of their varied styles of command. They also demonstrate how an army, which lost the bulk of its experienced troops during the first several months of the campaign, attempted to use its operational directives and tactical orders to educate its soldiers and officers in the basics of waging war in the midst of active and bloody operations.

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