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Finnish Volunteer Battalion
of the Waffen-SS

Author(s) Wilhelm Tieke
Language(s)English text
Format: Hardcover, 6" x 9"
Pages:  264 pages
Photos:  40 photos
Maps:  9 maps
Publisher: Fedorowicz Publishing
ISBN:  978-0-927332-02-3

Item No. FP-095 Price: $56.00

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The Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS was a formation with a very unique history. Its members volunteered, and were spirited out of Finland to Germany under the watchful Russian eyes. Never completely supported by the various Finnish political factions, the battalion’s return to Finland was continually sought. Unlike other legions from various countries, the battalion did not fight until the end of the war. In fact, upon its return home, its soldiers were immediately drafted into the Finnish army and fought against the Soviets. When Finland sued for peace, former Finnish SS-men fought against German troops as they retreated from Finland.

The battalion joined the SS-Wiking Division in January 1942 and fought in southern Russia and the Caucasus until its mission ended in April 1943. Its soldiers badly needed on the home front, it was recalled due to intense pressure from the Finnish government.

The battalion served with great sacrifice and proved itself worthy of being a part of one of Germany’s elite divisions. Despite the language barrier, its soldiers adapted well and fought bravely shoulder to shoulder with their German comrades-in-arms. Long-overdue, their story is now told in this volume.

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