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Combat History of the
10. Panzer Division
1939 - 1943

Author(s)Albert Schick
Language(s)English text
Format: Hardcover, 6" x 9"
Pages:  572 pages
Photos:  37 photos
Maps:  5 maps
Publisher: Fedorowicz Publishing
ISBN:  978-0-927332-00-9

Item No. FP-094 Price: $80.00

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Originally written in German by Mr. Albert Schick, this unit history covers the history of an unusual Panzer Division of the German Army in WW II. It describes its establishment shortly before the Polish Campaign and its combat record through the Polish 1939, French 1940 and Russian (until early 1942) campaigns. The Division was withdrawn from Russia and was refitted in France during 1942. Then, instead of returning to the Eastern Front, at the end of November 1942, it was sent to Tunesia to oppose the Allied landings in North Africa. Arriving in dribs and drabs, it fought in Tunesia until the German forces there surrendered in mid-May 1943. For unexplainable reasons, the 10. Panzer-Division was not re-established, and so its impressive history ended prematurely.

This division participated in some of the most important battles of WW II, including: the capture of Brest-Litovsk, the crossing of the Meuse at Sedan, the bloody battle at Stonne, the capture of Calais, the crossing of the Beresina, the drive on Moscow, the desperate defense (as split-up battle groups) against the Russian attacks at the beginning of 1942, and Kasserine Pass.

This complete divisional history is a good mixture of command level descriptions of the movements and fighting, as well as personal small unit accounts. It also complements perfectly the 10 .Panzer-Division, the photo album on the division by Jean Restayn also from the same publisher.

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