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Blood and Steel 1:
The Wehrmacht Archive
Normandy 1944

Author: Donald E. Graves
Language: English text
Format: Hardcover, size 6"x 9"
Pages:  256
Photos:  60 wartime black + white photos
Maps: several
Publisher: Frontline Books
ISBN: 978-1848326835

Item No. CP-6835 Price: $39.95

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Ordered by Hitler 'to hold, or to die' and to fight 'to the last grenade and round', the German army was a formidable opponent during the 1944 Normandy campaign. This book depicts the experience of that army in Normandy through its own records and documentation.

The Wehrmacht Archive is an informative and colorful collection of translated original orders, diaries, letters, after action reports, and even jokes, as well as Allied technical evaluations of weapons, vehicles and equipment and transcripts of prisoner of war interrogations. You will also learn from official documents about the Germans' efforts to cope with Allied air and artillery superiority, create new tactical methods for all arms and maintain discipline in the face of overwhelming odds.

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