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Race to the Rhine:
Liberating France and the Low Countries 1944-45

Author: Leo Marriott & Simon Forty
Language: English text
Format: Hardcover, size 12" x 6.5"
Pages:  192
Photos:  300 photos
Maps: several
Publisher: Casemate Publishing
ISBN: 978-1612002941

Item No. CP-2941 Price: $29.95

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The speed of the German Blitzkrieg in 1940 and the relative ease with which they brushed aside Allied defenses meant four years of occupation. But in June 1944―this time with American forces―the Allies finally returned for a rematch. The destruction of German forces in Normandy‚Äôs Falaise pocket, on August 14,was as quick as the Blitzkrieg had been: by September British troops were in Ghent and Liege; Canadian forces liberated Ostend, and in northeast France Patton's Third Army was moving rapidly to the German border, taking Rheims on August 29 and Verdun on the 30th. Paris was liberated on August 25th.

The liberation of the Low Countries would not prove as straightforward, however. Operation Market Garden―Montgomery's brave thrust toward the Rhine at Arnhem―started on September 17 and hoped to end German resistance at a stroke. But it ended in failure on the 25th with over 6,000 paratroopers captured.

V-1 flying bombs had meantime been launched from northern France and the Low Countries from August 1944. During September the more frightening German V-2s began raining in. In late October, belated operations began to clear the Scheldt Estuary and open the port of Antwerp to the Allies, and took nearly a month. Belgium was almost free of the Nazi yoke and the Netherlands looked likely to be cleared before Christmas.

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