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After The Battle Issue No. 149

Author:  Karel Margry
Language:  English Text
Format:  Soft cover, 8.5" x 11"
Pages:  56 pages
Photos:  b+w wartime photos and present day color comparisons
Maps:  Some maps
Publisher:  After The Battle, UK
ISBN:  none issued

Item No. ATB-149 Price: $10.95

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THE GUNS OF GODLEY HEAD - David Mitchelhill-Green tells the story of how Lyttelton Harbour, on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, was protected against enemy attacks by a heavy coastal battery at Godley Head.

The True Glory - The making of this classic War Film is described in detail by Trevor Popple.

Führerhauptquartier 'Wolfsschlucht 2' - Jean Paul Pallud tells us about the construction of a Führerhauptquartiere in Margival, eight kilometres north-east of Soissons in France, which was used only once by Hitler.

The Potters Bar Incident - April 26, 1941 - Undoubtedly, the Blitz produced numerous ironics, but few quite so remarkable as that which occurred when the town of Potters Bar in Hertfordshire, or more to the point it cemetery, containing the graves of airship crews shot down over the district in the First World War, was bombed by a German raider in the Second. Andrew P. Hyde tells this fascinating story.

No Longer Missing - The Search for LW337 - The remarkable search and discovery of Halifax LW337 and how one of its crew, Sergeant John Bremner, was finally laid to rest some 64 years later and is no longer missing.

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