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Conqueror Heavy Gun Tank
Britain's Cold War Heavy Tank

Author: Carl Schulze
Language: English Text
Format: Paperback, 8.5" x 11.5"
Pages:  64
Photos:  94 B&W, 12 Color
Maps: none
Publisher: Tankograd Publishing
ISBN: none listed

Item No. TG-9023 Price: $23.95

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The FV214 Conqueror heavy gun tank was developed and fielded by the British Army in the early years of the Cold War to counter the threat caused by Soviet heavy tanks such as the IS-3 and the T-10. If the Cold War had turned hot, the Conqueror would have served as a tank destroyer to knock out enemy armour at a range superior to that of the Centurion main battle tanks.

This publication describes the development history, the technology, variants and the only eight year long in-service life of the Conqueror heavy gun tank. Also covered is the Conqueror armoured recovery vehicle.

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