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Item No. RP-015
Die Wehrmacht Vol.1

by Uwe Feist

Our new series of books, titled "Die Wehrmacht" will depict all the equipment, weapons, uniforms, and accessories utilized by the ground troops of the Wehrmacht from 1935 to 1945. Volume 1 covers an assortment of Infantry weapons and is heavily illustrated with original photos of the era and laced with color photos from museums or private collections. The captions are short and informative, and the overall series will eventually culminate in the depiction of the heavy equipment and weapons such as the 8,8 cm Pak 43, 32 cm Nebelwerfer 41, and the 60 cm Möser "Karl."

Directly from the table of contents, the following are covered in Vol.1:

Pistole P 08 Luger, Walter P 38, Walter P.P.K., Mauser Modell HSc, Mauser C 96, Astra M 1921 43, "Radom" 9 mm Pistole 35 (P), Gewehr 98, Karabiner 98k, 7,92 mm Patronen, Gewehr 33/40, Zielfernrohre - Sniper, Gewehr G-41, Gewehr G-43, MK b-42(H), StG. 44, MP 44 "Krummlauf", FG 42, MP 38, MP 40, MP 41, MP Modell EMP, MP 18, MP 28/11, MP 34/1, MP 34 (ö), MP 738 (i) Beretta, Volksgewehr VG, MG 08 machine gun, MG 13, MG 15, MG 34, MG 34/41, sMG 34 heavy machine gun, MG 42, sMG 42 heavyt machine gun, ZF 40 optical sight, ZB 26(t) light machine gun, MG 37(t) heavy machine gun.

Hard cover, 9"x12", 173 pages, over 400 color and B&W photos

Price: $55.00

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