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Item No. HP-003
The German Defence of Upper Silesia, January-May 1945

By Georg Gunter

This title is out of print and unavailable.

By January 1945, Upper Silesia had become Germany?s key industrial region, with its coal mines, blast furnaces, arms factories and hydrogenation plants. Not surprisingly, when the Soviets launched a series of powerful offensives aimed at capturing the region, the German defence was bitter, bordering on the suicidal! Soviet reactions were brutal, the Red Army committing widespread atrocities, which have received little coverage until now. In this readable and fast-paced translation from the German edition, the author presents a penetrating description of the events which occurred in Silesia during the first five months of 1945 - from the massive Soviet offensive on 12th January, through to the final German defensive actions around Ratibor five months later. The translation and publication of Last Laurels represents a major contribution to the military history of the Eastern Front in the English language, filling a yawning gap in our knowledge of the most titanic armed struggle the world has yet seen.

The author examines the combat deployment of the Hitler Youth - on the Eastern Front, the Western Front, and in provinces outside the German Reich, in addition to providing a number of rare and fascinating combat reports.

Large Format Hardback, 320 pages, 150 black and white photos, maps, $59.95

About The Author
Georg Gunter was born in 1930, and left school hoping to become a professional game-hunter. Following WWII he worked as an agricultural labourer for a time, before training as a professional artist, illustrator and photographer. His German edition of Last Laurels has been reprinted six times.

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