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Camouflage & Markings of German Armor
in the Battle for Cassino January-May 1944

Author: Jeffrey Plowman, Daniele Guglielmi
Language: English Text
Format: Soft cover
Pages:  48 pages
Photos:  65 b+w photos, 19 full-color plates
Publisher: Model Centrum Progres
ISBN: 9788360672259

Item No. MCP-2259 Price: $36.95

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Published as a companion volume to Camouflage and Markings of Allied Armor in the battle for Cassino (#12 in the Series), this is an authoritative guide to the armor deployed by the Germans over the course of the fighting for this strategic objective. This book includes a number of rare and unpublished photos with detailed captions. It includes: SdKfz 251s, Marder IIs and IIIs, Semoventi M42s, PzKpfw IVs, Sturmgesch?tze IIIs and IVs, Nashorns, Panthers, Pantherturms and captured Shermans. Contains: 48 pages, 65 b&w photos and 19 full color plates of artwork.


"The fighting to take Monte Cassino in early 1944 may be best known for the bombing of the Monastery, but it was mainly fought by infantry with armoured support, with many different AFVs being used on both sides. This is the companion volume to the Allied side reviewed in MM vol.44 No. 10 and covers a similarly wide variety of vehicles.

Many of the actions during the battle for Cassino and the Senger Line were between small groups of AFVs on each side. These are described in detail even down to naming the vehicle commanders. Types incolved ranged from SdKfz 251 half-tracks, Marder and Nashorn self-propelled guns, StuG III and IV and Panthers. Several Pantherturms were also part of the Senger Line defences, often knocking out several Allied tanks before themselves being destroyed. There were a few unusual items such as French Chenillette UE and some captured Shermans used in their original markings as well as one adapted by its new owners.

These are shown in period black and white photos from a variety of official and private sources. Captions give details of location, colours and markings. A selection of vehicles are also shown in the colour plates which in several cases show unit markings separately for better detail.

Plenty here to inspire modellers looking for information on vehicles in action or knocked out with at least one adapted for a very peaceful use after the fighting was over."

-Peter Brown, Military Modelling Magazine

...perfectly compliments the publisher's previous study of Allied armor in Cassino combat. Contents include dozens of previously unpublished B&W photos. And 19 beautifully rendered color profiles provide plenty of project inspiration. How about that "deturreted? M4A1 Sherman in Sturmgesch?tz-Brigade 242 service? I loved this cool, compact chronicle. Now I have clear views of those external drive-sprocket teeth on German Semovente M42 da 75 mm vehicles! Recommended!

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