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Item No. HS-005

A History of
the Medium Tank T20 Series

Back in print! - NOW IN STOCK!

R. P. Hunnicutt

It became apparent early in the war that the American Sherman medium tank, a product of prewar engineering, was no match for the best of the German tanks. Almost three years of intensive development resulted in the introduction of a new American tank, the T26E3 General Pershing, into battle in the closing months of the war in Europe. More than a match for the panzers it faced, the Pershing proved itself in combat. The Pershing served as the Army's first-line tank during the immediate postwar period. During the first year of the Korean War it played a major role in blunting the threat of Russian-built T34 tanks, which proved to be no match for the Pershing's 90mm main gun.

Hard cover, large format: 8 1/2" x 11", 240 pages, over 500 photos, color art and scale drawings.

Price: $80.00

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