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Propaganda Kompanien
PK War Reporters of the Third Reich

Author: Nicholas Ferard
Language: English text
Format: Hardcover, size 9" x 12"
Pages:  176
Photos:  Over 300 wartime photos in color and B+W
Maps: none
Publisher: Histoire and Collections
ISBN: 9782352503361

Item No. MM BK-3361 Price: $54.95

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The Propagandakompanien, the German propaganda companies, were the primary method of communication of the Third Reich.

The soldiers of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were the eyes and ears of the Ministry of Propaganda who relied upon them to transform the reality of victories into defeats.

While their photographs and their films are known, nothing has been written about the people behind the cameras, all the technicians associated with the propaganda machine.

This first volume presents the implementation of this psychological weapon, from an organizational point of view, technical and human. With extensive documentation, the Wehrmacht propaganda companies are presented with a particular focus on 6 Pk. of the Luftwaffe. Finally, thanks to the testimony of reporters the author details the campaigns in Poland, Norway, France and the beginning of the Russian campaign.

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