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Item No. EH-090

By Jean-Claude Perrigault

This title is now out of print and unavailable.

In February 1941, the German High Command decided to dispatch an expeditionary force to North Africa in support of the Italian forces which were in a difficult situation against the British. This contingent included elements that a few months later were to form the 21st. Panzer-Division.

Driven out of the continent of Africa along with the rest of the Axis forces in May 1943, a new division was then formed in France from the surviving elements. Poorly equipped, partly with old models of French and German tanks, on June 6, 1944 the 21. Panzer-Division was the first German armored formation to be launched in a counter-attack against the Allied landings in Normandy. Following the failed German counter-attack in Alsace 1945, the division was transferred to the Eastern Front where it was annihilated in the Halbe pocket shortly before the end of the war. massive book, packed with illustrations.

Hardcover, size 9 x 11, 528 pages, hundreds of b+w photos, French text, with some English text and photo captions
Only $57.95

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