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Item No. EE-009
Black Cross / Red Star Vol. 3
Air War over the Eastern Front

by Christer Bergstrom, Andrey Dikov, and Vlad Antipov

Never before has the history of the air war on the Eastern Front been written in such depth, in such detail, and so carefully balanced between both sides. The air war on the Eastern Front in World War II was history's largest and longest air campaign. Nevertheless, it has been one of the least known and least understood chapters of aviation history. This is because prior to the release of the Black Cross/Red Star series, publications on this immense subject have been based on material taken almost exclusively from the German side. Black Cross/Red Star, presented in several photo-laden volumes, has evolved as the most complete and detailed series ever published on the air war on the Eastern Front.

Volume 3, has been subtitled Everything for Stalingrad and covers the German summer offensive in 1942; the subsequent fierce air battles over the Caucasus; the Luftwaffe's onslaught on Convoy PQ-17; the hard air war over the Central and Northern combat zones, when the Soviets launched their relief offensives in the summer and fall of 1942; and, mainly, the huge Air Battle over Stalingrad. Similar to Volume 2, Volume 3 will contain a large number of photos and 37 high-quality aircraft color profiles, by one of the best aircraft profile artists in the world--Claes Sundin. omprehensive loss and victory listings, and more than 800 photographs in the two volumes collected from private sources. Over 40 color profiles and paintings by Thomas A. Tullis and Richard Goyat are planned.

Hard Cover, Size: 81/2" x 11," 280 Pages, hundreds of photos and 37 color plates.

Price: $68.95