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Junkers Ju87
From Dive-Bomber to
Tank-Buster 1935-1945

Author(s) Eddie J. Creek
Format: Hard cover, 9" x 12"
Pages: 336 pages
Photos: Over 300 B+W wartime photos, color profiles
Publisher: Classic Publications/Ian Allan, UK
ISBN: 978-1906537289

Item No. CC-7289 Price: $84.95

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Sample pages, coming soon:

This large format hardback is packed with information on the Ju87 Stuka. Highly illustrated, it represents a comprehensive, detailed reference work to be used by enthusiasts and modelers for one-stop ease of access to information to one of the most well-known aircrafts of World War 2. Unquestionably, the Junkers Ju 87 was one of the most devastatingly effective and psychologically terrifying weapons of war ever produced. The howl of its sirens during a dive-bombing attack struck fear into those on the ground.

Spearheading the German advances in Poland, Norway, the Low Countries, the Mediterranean, and Russia between 1939 and 1943, the Luftwaffe's Ju 87 Stuka became synonymous with the art of Blitzkrieg warfare. Next to the fighter aces, it was perhaps the Stuka crews who were held in the highest esteem by both German commanders and the German people and their accomplishments became legendary. This will be the book sought after by aviation enthusiasts and modelers this year.

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