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Germany's Combat Helmets 1933-45
New 3rd printing

Author: Ken Niewiarowicz
Language: English text
Format: Hardcover, size 6" x 9"
Pages:  468
Photos:  867 color photos
Publisher: Bender Publishing
ISBN: 1-932970-12-6

Item No. BP-077 Price: $72.95

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Perhaps the best reference yet written on the overall subject of the Third Reich steel helmet. Details and heretofore little known facts are presented in a chronological order through the examination of scores of the finest original examples. The reader will come away with a better understanding of the production, adornment and period modification in design of the combat helmets of Hitler's armed forces.

Table of Contents
Chapter I The Model 35 Helmet
Chapter II The Model 40 Helmet
Chapter III The Model 42 Helmet
Chapter IV Reissues
Chapter V Camouflage Helmets
Chapter VI Paratrooper Helmets
Chapter VII Combat Helmets in other roles
Chapter VIII Decals
Chapter IX Tropical Pith Helmets

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