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Atlantikwall Vol.1
Bollwerk des Reiches 1942-44
Französische Atlantikküste

Author: Martin Stahlberg
Language: German Text
Format: Hardback, 8.5" x 11.9"
Pages:  160 pages
Photos:  over 300 color and B+W photos
Publisher: Arndt Verlag
ISBN: 978-3932381614

Item No. AV-032 Price: $49.95

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The Atlantic Wall of the Third Reich is shown with brilliant original wartime color photos in this new Arndt Verlag title from Germany. With the German victory over France in 1940 and then later the 1941 invasion of Russia, the German Army was in a tough fight and could not afford to leave the Atlantik coast unguarded against a possible Allied invasion. To counter the this threat in the West, the 'Organization Todt' began construction of a mighty bulwark on the sea, from the Spanish border all the way up to the coast of Norway. To protect the German controlled empire in depth defense positions and huge bunkers were built to house the far-reaching heavy coastal guns, radar stations for detecting enemy bombers, and U-boat pens.

This book showcases an amazing collection of many never before seen color photos of architecture in France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark, which are not only present the details of the infamous Atlantic Wall defensive positions in Europe, but also insights into the everyday life of ordinary 'Landsers' (German Soldiers) while at his watch along the coast. One also sees photos of military commanders and political leaders during the inspection of individual works, such as armaments minister Albert Speer and Waffen-SS General 'Sepp' Dietrich. Detailed German text explains the development and architecture of the fortifications and how they held up under combat.

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